Handmade Shop

Why handmade soap?

Cottage Farms joins the knowledge of pure essential oils, gained over many centuries, with yesterday’s craft of soap making. Our soap is made with care, hand stirred in small batches in our own soap kitchen. We take great pride in selecting organic & premium conventional ingredients and we use essential oils that are among the finest available.

We produced our soap with all-natural, 100% food quality vegetable and seed oils such as; olive oil, sesame seed, soybean, coconut and apricot. Then we superfat it with premium oils like: jojoba, wheat germ, rose hip, and calendula. We choose these oils because of their soothing healing properties.

Next they are generously scented with skin nourishing essential oils and gently colored with herbs, seeds or flower petals for added benefits, texture and appeal. Our soaps contain no animal tallow, synthetic coloring or artificial hardeners.Our soap is sought after by soap lovers because it contains glycerin. Handmade soap is actually five parts soap and one part glycerin. Glycerin is a wonderful element of soap used to soften skin. Commercial soap makers extract glycerin from their soaps and use it to produce rich lotions and creams.